Once considered trendy way back in 2015, Waterfall countertops are now a classic style that can bring a sense of elegance to your dream kitchen. The look is achieved by having the countertop material of your choice, usually comprised of a high-quality stone such as granite or quartz, continue over the edge of the counter down the side covering the cabinets in a way that the pattern of the stone is continued and appears to be falling over the side. Here are 3 reasons to choose Waterfall Countertops:

  1. Make a Statement: Waterfall countertops give your kitchen clean lines and make the gorgeous natural stone you have chosen really stand out!
  2. Hide Appliances: Waterfall countertops are a great way to hide bulky appliances such as a dishwasher or wine refrigerator.
  3. Less Wear and Tear: Granite and Quartz are incredibly durable and resistant to scratches and scuffs from kids, pets, and more. The Waterfall countertops will protect your cabinets from unsightly wear and tear.

Time for some inspiration! Would you incorporate waterfall countertops in your kitchen or somewhere else?

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